girls’ hostel

The Girls’ Hostel provides accommodation and school support for a small number of girls during school term. It was purpose built in 2019 and is managed by Hem Kumar Pradhan assisted by his wife Asha, who live on-site.

Girls’ Hostel manager Hem and his wife Asha Pradhan, December 2019. ©NLT

Hem and Asha work closely with the girls’ parents, grandparents or other guardians, and school teachers, to support their educational needs. The hostel is currently full, accommodating 10 girls whose ages range from 7 to 14.

The 10 girls (pictured) now enjoy safe, healthy, loving accommodation during the school term. They keep in close contact with their parents or guardians, who live in the surrounding villages, and return home in the holidays.

Girls’ Hostel students, July 2019
Students taking instructions on planting and gardening from Asha. August 2020. Photo: Hem ©NLT


Before coming to the hostel, 11-year-old Chandrika slept on a mud floor with no mattress, beside her mother, father, sister and 2 brothers. Every July the family goes to the Punjab to pick rice, preferring the cash payment to the food they would receive for labouring work in Nepal. Staying in the hostel allows Chandrika to focus on her studies without constant worries about food and safety.

Chandrika’s mother and three siblings. Her family is delighted she is gaining an education. Photo: R.Thomas ©NLT2019