Bruised but not broken

The need is so great that you could give up before we start.

The €1 million emergency generously given by the Irish government has all been allocated. Irish Aid is also arranging airlifts of emergency relief items such as tents, blankets, and tarpaulins to assist an estimated 12,000 vulnerable people and meet their immediate acute needs.  Over 63 tonnes of Irish stocks are being distributed by aid partners in the Kathmandu-Makwanpur area, focusing on those most severely affected, and those living in temporary settlements or in the open air since their homes were destroyed.

In Nepal people are ranging from being joyful and thankful for being spared, to angry and desperate because no aid has come. At least the tremors have passed, and normal life is beginning to be restored for the fortunate. However many are still facing living in the open with little food or shelter.

Should we despair at the huge need? No, why not? Well just as you are important to your family and friends so too are those suffering in Nepal important. They are worth helping.

Help us to help Nepal, one person at a time, one family at a time and one village at time.

It will cost approximately €50 to help a family with blankets, clothes and food.

If you would like to contribute towards the relief operation that will provide food, tents and medicine please make a donation on our website at: and state Earthquake relief for Sindhuli district in the comment option.

We have raised over €1,000 in Ireland in the last couple of days, help us to increase that.

The cost of the relief for the Sindhuli region is budgeted at $131,660.


Mike Winterburn

NLT Ireland chairman