Urgent call for Covid relief funds.

Target €15,000

Handwashing stations at the gates of Lalgadh Hospital. All visitors must wash their
hands before entry to prevent the spread of Covid. Photo: Dr G. Clugston ©NLT. October 2020

We are in urgent need of funding to deal with the current Covid emergency in Nepal. Our colleagues at Lalgadh Hospital desperately need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for themselves and oxygen equipment to support those tested COVID positive. The total amount required is €15,000

This includes:

– Oxygen cylinders (currently cost €200 each)

– Oxygen concentrators, providing oxygen long-term (currently cost €1,100 each)

– PPE (currently costs €25 per set)

These costs are escalating daily due to shortage of supply.

HOW YOU CAN HELP – Please donate via PayPal on our website here

Lalgadh Hospital stands less than 50km from the Indian border in the south-eastern Terai region. Its proximity to the open land border means that many Nepalis travel to and from India for work, providing a fast, deadly route for the spread of Covid. Last week (early May 2021) the government reported between 9 and 10 thousand new Covid cases per day, with the real figures thought to be higher. Contrast this with a month ago when the figure was around 100 per day.

Thank you.


Nepal Conference-Ireland 2021

Tackling Covid-19 in Nepal, on 16th May 2021 at 2pm

There is presently a rise in Covid-19 cases in Nepal, 10th May 2021.

This is sadly affecting our staff, patients and the rural communities we support at Lalgadh. The Nepal government has requested help from the International Community as the situation is causing a strain in Nepal’s health system.

Our beautiful hospital is called Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital & Service Centre and is located in a remote part of Nepal at the edge of the jungle near the Indian border. It is  at the foothills of the Himalayas, a hundred miles south west from Everest.
The Nepal Ireland Society and Ireland-Nepal Chamber of Commerce are jointly organising ‘Nepal Conference – Ireland 2021’ on 16th May 2021, Sunday at 2 pm Ireland Time, in collaboration with the Embassy of Nepal, London.
Register for this event here
Nepal Conference – Ireland 2021. Tackling Covid-19 in Nepal