Thank you all

Thank you for supporting Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) Ireland in 2017. Your contributions – financial, practical and prayerful – are hugely appreciated.
      In the last few years Nepal has endured earthquakes, aftershocks and, most recently, massive monsoon floods. Our colleagues and field workers in Lalgadh have managed to continue their work throughout, and NLT Ireland has raised funds, practical help and profile in each of those years. We are especially grateful for your support and encouragement in our mission to work with the beautiful people of Nepal.
     We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very blessed year in 2018.
Children in Dhamaura village, supported by Nepal Leprosy Trust
Children in Dhamaura village, supported by Nepal Leprosy Trust. Photo: S. Winterburn © NLT Ireland 2017

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