Visiting the Village Alive Programme

NLT supports the Village Alive Programme which empowers some of the poorest, most disadvantaged people suffering from leprosy and other debilitating conditions, to transform their own lives and also spearhead improvements to the whole village. In this way, the most rejected people become community leaders.

Day 1 of NLT Irelands visit to Nepal, September 2019.

Sarita, with her mushrooms, in Gourishanker Village
This is Sarita from Gourishanker Village, Nepal. Because of the Women’s Savings Group set up by the Village Alive Programme in Gourishanker, Sarita received training to farm mushrooms. She is growing the seeds in a dark room of her hut and in a few months can start selling them . This will provide her with income to support her family.
Water now much more accessible in Gourishanker
The Village Alive Programme members in Gourishanker have also installed 2 new water pumps in the village, thus making water much more accessible.  Our Village Alive Programme is part funded by Irish Aid
New water pump in Gourishanker Village. September 2019. Above photos: R .Thomas © NLT Ireland 2019