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It certainly has for NLT. The project ‘Borders: from Kathmandu to Kerry and Beyond’ has raised more than €3,000 for NLT’s work in Nepal.

Can you react before an act? You’d think so, from the timing of the project’s three art exhibitions. The first, in Kathmandu at Easter, escaped the first earthquake by two weeks. The second, at the beginning of May in Kerry, drew big crowds and donations.

At the opening of the third exhibition in Stradbally, County Laois, visitors brought their own stories of Nepal. Some had backpacked in the Himalayas, some supported educational charities and one tough cookie had hitched a lift through the mountains into Tibet. All shared a love of the country and its beautiful people. And they proved it with their purses; many artists gave all the money from their sales to NLT.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and supported the exhibitions. By Debbie Thomas.

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